12 ways to help waste crews during Coronavirus

With more people spending time at home during the COVID-19 crisis and potentially creating more waste, there are things we can all do to help our waste crews keep up with demand, says Stroud District Council. Here, it sets out 12 ways its residents can help waste crews during Coronavirus.

1. Please don’t put too much waste out. Extra bags (side waste) won’t be collected, so make sure your waste fits in your wheelie bin if you have one. If you have bags instead of a wheelie bin, ensure you’re putting out no more than the maximum on collection day.

2. Anyone who has, or suspects they have, Covid-19 should double bag their soiled tissues and cleaning cloths and store them for 72 hours before presenting in their wheelie bin or beige sack. Please do not put tissues or used face masks in your recycling box. These should go in your general waste.

3. Minimise waste where you can. There are lots of tips to help you reduce food waste here.

4. If your recycling is still being collected, recycle as much as you can. Check the guidance on your local council website for full details.

5. Fold all cardboard to the approximate size of your recycling box. Larger pieces take up more space in the recycling trucks, resulting in more trips, and wasted time and fuel, so they may not be collected until made smaller.

6. Some councils, such as Stroud District Council, is currently unable to take orders for extra or replacement receptacles so our staff can concentrate on keeping other essential services running. If your council is in the sam position and you don’t currently have a recycling box, please improvise by using a storage box or laundry basket of a similar size; please just ensure it will be safe for the operative to lift.  

7. Many bulky waste collections have been temporarily suspended. Please keep large items at home until your council is able to start the service again.

8. Household recycling centres are all closed on government advice. Please keep hold of everything you would have disposed of there until they re-open.

9. When your wheelie bin, food bin and/or recycling box and bag have been emptied, please wash your hands after taking them in. Crews have enhanced hygiene systems in place, but we’re all still advised to wash our hands frequently.

10. Many textile banks are not accepting further donations at this time; please keep hold of with waste until they reopen. 

11. If your council still offers a garden waste collection service, avoid overfilling your garden waste bin. We know gardens are receiving lots of love and attention at the moment, but please don’t overfill bins. If you have too much for your bin, don’t force it in, try and wait for the next collection.

12. Please keep your distance. Stay at least two metres away from everyone, including the crews. They really appreciate the public’s support – so a cheery smile and wave will make their day.

Please note: Some tips have been edited to apply to everyone, not just Stroud residents. For Stroud-specific tips, click here

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