Ecosurety CEO on mission to educate with new recycling book

The CEO of a leading UK compliance scheme is to write a book to address the high levels of confusion on a subject he’s passionate about: recycling.

Several years in the making, The Rubbish Book: A Complete Guide to Recycling will be written by Ecosurety’s CEO, James Piper. The book will act as a comprehensive guide to recycling – a field he has worked in for over 12 years.

From questions as diverse as “Why can’t black plastic be recycled?” to “What is a circular economy?”, The Rubbish Book seeks to empower and educate consumers as well as drive home the important role that recycling plays at both an economic and environmental level.

In its annual Recycling Tracker report published in March 2020, WRAP discovered that three quarters (77%) of UK households agreed there existed at least one barrier that stopped them from recycling. Of this group, over a third (38%) stated confusion over whether an item could actually be recycled or not was the key barrier.

Said James Piper, CEO of Ecosurety, said: “The UK recycling sector has seen high levels of transformation over the last few years and there is a willingness on the part of consumers to engage. However, people still find a number of aspects of the recycling process confusing. It is my hope that The Rubbish Book will help more informed recycling decisions, while also tackling issues such as contamination which the wider recycling sector still grapples with.”

The Rubbish Book was listed on crowdfunding publishing site Unbound in August 2020. Within a month it had hit its initial funding target from over 200 sponsors, including Ecosurety. The high level of support is attributed to a growing interest in recycling and a desire on the part of the consumer to do more to improve the UK’s stagnating recycling figures.

Katy Guest, Senior Commissioning Editor at Unbound, said: “We’re thrilled to be publishing James Piper’s incredibly useful and practical recycling guide, The Rubbish Book. We hope that it will be an accessible reference guide to be read, checked and kept in the bin cupboard to make everyone’s recycling easier and better.”

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