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Call for investment in cleaner transport post COVID-19

28th May 2020

Coronavirus / Hubbub / transport


Trial to see old smartphones donated to most vulnerable to help them stay connected

14th May 2020

Coronavirus / E-Waste / Hubbub / O2


What impact will COVID19 have on domestic food waste?

6th May 2020

Coronavirus / Food Waste / Hubbub


48% say they are throwing away less food since restrictions began

20th April 2020

Coronavirus / Food Waste / Hubbub

Can you nudge people away from single-use plastic?

29th January 2020

coffee cup / Hubbub / Single-Use

Push to double the uptake of reusable cups

8th January 2020

coffee cups / Hubbub / Single-Use / Starbucks


More than a quarter of us plan to cut Christmas food waste this year

18th December 2019

Food Waste / Hubbub


Simply changing the colour of bins can increase recycling

5th December 2019

ecosurety / Hubbub / Leeds By Example


Action to remove 90 tonnes of litter from  5 of the UK’s biggest rivers

17th October 2019

Hubbub / Litter / Ocean Litter / plastic

Starbucks and Hubbub announce winners of “The cup fund”

11th September 2019

coffee cups / Hubbub / Starbucks / The Cup Fund


Starbucks launches reusable cup “borrowing” trial at Gatwick Airport

10th June 2019

coffee cups / Hubbub / Starbucks


Recycling on the High Street: Lessons from Leeds

22nd May 2019

Hubbub / Leeds City Council / packaging


Cup, cup and away

16th April 2019

coffee cups / Hubbub / Recycling


Starbucks & Hubbub Launch Funding To “Kickstart” Paper Cup Recycling

11th April 2019

Hubbub / Paper Cup Recycling / Starbucks


Boat Built Using Funds Collected From Starbucks’ 5p Cup Charge

29th March 2019

Coffee Cup Levy / Hubbub / Starbucks


Hubbub Announces Plans For 100 UK Community Fridges By 2020

6th March 2019

Community Fridge / Food Waste / Hubbub / Surplus Food


Waitrose Launches £1m Initiative To Tackle UK Plastic Pollution

28th January 2019

Hubbub / Plastic Waste / Waitrose


UK’s Biggest Collaborative Push To Improve Recycling On-The-Go Launches

9th October 2018

Hubbub / Leeds By Example / Recycling On The Go

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