NRW Considering Landfill Application Following Suspended Permit

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is considering an application to allow more waste to be disposed of at a mid-Wales landfill site following the suspension of the site’s permit in 2018.

The operators of Bryn Posteg landfill near Llanidloes, Powys, want to vary their existing permit without increasing the size of the site.

NRW suspended the site’s permit in January 2018 after evidence showed the site had accepted substantially more waste than permitted.

This means that much of the additional waste which the operator wants is already on site.

After reviewing the application and holding a public consultation, NRW was not satisfied with the proposals.

The operator has now provided updated information which will be assessed.

NRW will only issue the permit if the application demonstrates that the site can take the additional waste safely, without posing a risk to people and the environment.

If NRW refuses the application, the operator will have to find another acceptable way to manage that excess waste.

Holly Noble, Permitting Team Leader, Natural Resources Wales said:“Every landfill site needs an environmental permit from us to operate. This details how the operator will manage the site to minimise the impact on air, land and water in the area.

“This is a complex application and we will only decide whether to change the permit once we have received and reviewed all the information we need.

“And we will only issue this if we are completely satisfied that disposing of more waste at the site will not pose a risk to people or the environment.”

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