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Commission Taking Italy To Court Over 44 Non-Compliant Landfills

19th May 2017

European Commission / European Court Of Justice / Italy


MEPs Adopt 7 “Breakthrough Propositions” For Litter Prevention

20th March 2017

Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe / Europe / European Commission / Litter / member states / The Clean Europe Network


Communication Barrier

28th February 2017

energy from waste / ESA / European Commission / Libby Forrest


Commission Takes Romania To Court Over 68 Illegal Landfills

17th February 2017

European Commission / landfill / Romania


Companies Fined €68m For Car Battery Recycling Cartel

8th February 2017

Eco-Bat Technologies / European Commission


Britain Falling Behind On 2020 Renewables Target

1st February 2017

2020 Renewables Target / European Commission / REA


Commission Questioned Over EfW Communication

31st January 2017

energy from waste / ESWET / European Commission / FEAD


Commission’s Plastics Roadmap “Not Leading Anywhere”

27th January 2017

Break Free From Plastic Movement. / European Commission / Plastic recycling / Plastic Waste


Commission To Launch Circular Economy Finance Support Platform

26th January 2017

Circular Economy / Circular Economy Package / European Commission


MEPs Vote In Favour Of 70% Recycling Target [UPDATED]

24th January 2017

Circular Economy Package / EU Recycling Targets / European Commission


MEPs Must Seize Opportunity To Create 800,000 Jobs Across Europe

23rd January 2017

Attitudes of Europeans towards Waste Management and Resource Efficiency / European Commission / European Recycling Targets / Waste Framework Directive


European Defence Sector Looks To Adopt Circular Economy Principles

19th January 2017

Circular Economy / Defence Sector / European Commission / European Defence Agency


Commission’s Food Waste Policies “Fragmented & Intermittent”

17th January 2017

European Commission / European Court of Auditors / Food Waste


Vella Releases “Informal” Mid-Term Circular Economy Update

11th January 2017

Circular Economy / Circular Economy Package / European Commission / Karmenu Vella


Commission Highlights Five Key Actions To Combat Food Waste

29th November 2016

EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste / European Commission / Food Waste


Report Identifies Regulatory Barriers To The Circular Economy

15th November 2016

Circular Economy / Circular Economy Package / European Commission


“Greater Insight” Needed Into Scale And Causes Of Food Waste

29th June 2016

European Commission / Food Waste / General Secretariat of the Council


Slovakia Faces Fines Over Landfill Failure

20th June 2016

European Commission / Landfill Directive / Slovakia

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