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Study: Mixed waste sorting more cost-effective than carbon capture

25th January 2024

Carbon Capture / mixed recyclables / Zero Waste Europe


The truth about toxic chemicals in food packaging and how to eliminate them

4th December 2023

food packaging / plastic / Zero Waste Europe


New report blasts “limitations” of pyrolysis technology, dubbed “miracle”

27th October 2023

plastic / pyrolysis / Recycling / Zero Waste Europe


ZWE report says EU has a surplus in waste incineration capacity

28th September 2023

Waste Incineration / Zero Waste Europe


Elevating reuse: How cities can reduce waste

25th September 2023

plastic / reuse / Zero Waste Europe


ZWE calls on global governments to address fast fashion models

4th September 2023

Fast Fashion / textile / Zero Waste Europe


Report calls several studies that favour single-use packaging over reuse biased

11th August 2023

reuse / single use packaging / Zero Waste Europe


The Waste Framework Directive revision is a missed opportunity – ZWE

10th July 2023

Extended Producer Responsibility / Food Waste / Zero Waste Europe


Reusable packaging “economically viable” alternative to single-use

29th June 2023

packaging / reuse / Zero Waste Europe


Glass “unsuitable” for single-use, Zero Waste Europe says

23rd June 2023

Climate Change / glass / Zero Waste Europe


ZWE calls for proportional allocation of recycled content plastics

12th May 2023

chemical recycling / mechanical plastics recycling / Zero Waste Europe


Report: MRBT approaches for mixed waste treatment is cost-competitive

13th April 2023

biological treatment / material recovery / Zero Waste Europe


ZWE and Reloop publish new mixed waste sorting guidance

2nd March 2023

Reloop Platform / renewable energy / Zero Waste Europe


Mixed waste sorting key to meeting the EU’s Circular Economy Objectives

16th February 2023

EU / Eunomia Research and Consulting Ltd / Zero Waste Europe


Study finds energy efficiency of EU waste incinerators “appallingly low”

26th January 2023

energy efficiency / EU / Zero Waste Europe


Zero Waste Europe sets essential criteria for zero waste fashion business models

17th January 2023

Circular Economy / textiles / Zero Waste Europe


New report calls for “urgent action” to reduce material use in key industries

10th November 2022

Eunomia / plastic / resources / Zero Waste Europe


Zero Waste Europe urge EU Commission to tackle waste crisis

4th November 2022

Circular Economy / EU / Zero Waste Europe

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