TJ Waste & Recycling Wins £1.5m Contract With VIVID

VIVID, a Hampshire-based provider of affordable homes has appointed TJ Waste & Recycling to collect and recycle its trade waste in a three-year, £1.5m contract. 

VIVID has 30,000 homes under management and 70,000 customers has set a target of 90% or more of waste recycled from its sites in any one year.

Mark Batchelor, VIVID’s Commercial Director, said: “With 30,000 homes under management, our maintenance programme unavoidably generates a large volume of refurbishment and new-build waste, such as plasterboard, brickwork, wood, wires, pipework, tiles, plastic, metal, carpets and ceramics. Following a competitive tender process, TJ was able to offer VIVID environmental peace of mind through a commitment to recycle 90% or more of our trade waste, underpinned by data-driven solutions.

Luke Haskell, who oversees the contract at TJ said: “Commercial waste disposal is a costly problem for housing associations with strict regulations.  Our service for VIVID, backed with transparent data, will result in the vast majority of skip waste being recycled or used to power homes and workplaces instead of going to landfill.”


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