Waltham Forest Launches New Food Waste Challenge

The London Borough of Waltham Forest has teamed up with specialist recycling reward scheme provider, Local Green Points, to launch its brand new Food Waste Challenge under the theme of “Recycling – It’s Worth It!”.

Councillor Clyde Loakes, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “We are pleased to announce the launch of the Food Waste Challenge and are looking forward to seeing residents getting involved and engaged with waste prevention. Not only will residents be able to save money on their monthly food shop, they will also be able to earn themselves more Green Points with which they can support fantastic local causes in the community or treat themselves.”

The Food Waste Challenge runs alongside the Waltham Forest Recycling Rewards scheme, which has been rewarding residents in the Borough for reducing waste and increasing their recycling since its launch in May 2016. The scheme allows members to earn ‘Green Points’, which they can choose to donate to a local charity or community project or spend on a choice of vouchers or in a sustainable eShop, containing over 1,000 sustainable products.

With over 4,500 households signed up, the scheme has had an extremely positive response and has seen over £600 donated from residents to local charities in the Borough. Charities supported by the scheme include Haven House Children’s Hospice, Mind Waltham Forest and Branches. Every 400 Green Points that residents earn are worth £1 to spend or donate.

The new Food Waste Challenge will last five months, with residents interacting with an online platform and receiving targeted digital communications about five food waste behaviours which have been identified by WRAP as ways that households can reduce their food waste: storing food correctly, understanding date labels, portion control, planning meals and making use of leftovers.


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