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What is the future of recycling?

11th October 2023

Defra / net zero / Recycling

The technology making the unrecyclable recyclable

2nd October 2023

Circular Economy / Recycling / Solid Recovered Fuel

Elevating reuse: How cities can reduce waste

25th September 2023

plastic / reuse / Zero Waste Europe

Collaboration and innovation can deliver recycling success story

25th September 2023

Grundon Waste Management / local authorities / Recycling

What can the UK learn from Switzerland’s food waste initiative?

5th September 2023

Anaerobic Digestion / Food Waste / ReFood

A year in office as CIWM President

30th August 2023

CIWM / Defra / end of waste

Unpacking EPR progress – the consequences of EPR delay

16th August 2023

DRS / EPR / packaging

Plastic Packaging Tax reforms – 3 questions we should be asking

1st August 2023

DUO / Plastic Packaging Tax / Recycling Rates

Waste electronics and the opportunity for circular thinking

1st August 2023

Circularity Capital / E-Waste / WEEE

Why haven’t electric HGVs and clean hydrogen technology taken off yet?

24th July 2023

Carbon Emissions / Electric Vehicles / hydrogen

Are we asking too much of the Environment Agency?

18th July 2023

Environment Agency / PRN / Re-Gen

How will the EU’s new greenwashing regulations affect the UK’s recycling industry?

11th July 2023

European Union / greenwashing / The Furniture Recycling Group

Addressing greenwashing and greenhushing should be top priority for CEOs

27th June 2023

Circular Economy / greenwashing / net zero

Charity – and environmental projects – begins at home

6th June 2023

Climate Change / greenwashing / Grundon

Packaging reforms: bridging the funding gap

30th May 2023

Circular Economy / consistency collections / Extended Producer Responsibility

Ending the slave trade

22nd May 2023

Modern Slavery / Waste Crime

Will “Greenwashing” be replaced by “Greenhushing”?

22nd May 2023

Advertising Standards Authority / greenwashing / Trewin Restorick

We need to extract more materials from waste streams and do it faster

11th May 2023

Circular Economy / Resource Efficiency / Sophie Thomas

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