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Hubbub and Starbucks unveil winners of over £1m sustainable packaging fund

4th October 2022

Hubbub / reuse / Starbucks


Starbucks to launch reusable cup-share programme in all Europe, Middle East and Africa stores

7th June 2021

coffee cups / Hubbub / packaging / Starbucks


Unilever and Starbucks join alliance to boost anaerobic digestion use in US

10th December 2020

Anaerobic Digestion / Farm Powered Strategic Alliance / Starbucks / Unilever


Reusable cups back on the menu at Starbucks

10th August 2020

Coronavirus / Reusable Cups / Single-Use / Starbucks


Starbucks trials “NextGen” Cup solution

10th March 2020

Coffee Cup Recycling / compostable / Single-Use / Starbucks

Push to double the uptake of reusable cups

8th January 2020

coffee cups / Hubbub / Single-Use / Starbucks

Starbucks and Hubbub announce winners of “The cup fund”

11th September 2019

coffee cups / Hubbub / Starbucks / The Cup Fund


Starbucks launches reusable cup “borrowing” trial at Gatwick Airport

10th June 2019

coffee cups / Hubbub / Starbucks


Starbucks & Hubbub Launch Funding To “Kickstart” Paper Cup Recycling

11th April 2019

Hubbub / Paper Cup Recycling / Starbucks


Boat Built Using Funds Collected From Starbucks’ 5p Cup Charge

29th March 2019

Coffee Cup Levy / Hubbub / Starbucks


Starbucks Rolls Out 5p Paper Cup Charge Across Britain

30th July 2018

Paper Cup Recycling / Starbucks


Starbucks To Introduce 5p Paper Cup Charge To All British Stores

10th July 2018

5p charge / Paper Cups / Recycling / reuse / Starbucks


Starbucks Offers “Grounds For Your Garden” From Local Stores

24th May 2018

coffee grounds / gardens / reuse / Starbucks


Starbucks Reports 150% Increase In Reusable Cup Use

26th April 2018

Coffee Cup Recycling / Starbucks


Government Rejects “Latte Levy” In Favour Of Voluntary Action

9th March 2018

Coffee Cup Levy / Coffee Cup Recycling / Defra / EAC / Latte Levy / Starbucks


Starbucks Launches Coffee Cup Charge Trial Across London

26th February 2018

Coffee Cup Recycling / Hubbub / London / Starbucks


Coffee Giants Sign ACE UK Cup Recycling Agreement

10th October 2017

ACE UK / Coffee Cup Recycling / Costa Coffee / Starbucks


Starbucks Launches 50% “Last Hour” Discount To Reduce Food Waste

5th September 2017

Action Against Hunger / Food Waste / Starbucks

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