Presidential Podcast

The CIWM Presidential Team are often seen individually on the seminar circuit and at CIWM Centre events, but rarely do they come together as a group to debate and discuss their views on important topics. Our new Presidential Podcast provides a unique opportunity to get to know our Presidential Team and hear what they have to say on a variety of topical issues, approached from a range of diverse backgrounds and experiences. In a series of four episodes, they will discuss a variety of topics, exploring the future needs of the sector and how the sector can progress and influence the environmental agenda.

Host: Claire Poole, Professional Development Manager at CIWM

Presidential Team:

  • Trevor Nicoll, President
  • Enda Kiernan, Immediate Past President
  • Dr Adam Read, Senior Vice President
  • Dr Anna Willetts, Junior Vice President
  • Dan Cooke, Junior Vice President Elect

Episode 1: Consumerism and waste

Episode 2: Waste as a Utility

Episode 3: What’s next for the waste and resources sector?

Episode 4: Innovation in the sector for a circular economy

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