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Polyester recycling trial receives seed funding from UK’s largest safety supplier

16th March 2022

Arco / Stuff4Life / Textile Waste


‘Re-style, re-wear and rejoice’ this festive season – Hubbub

30th November 2021

Fast Fashion / Hubbub / Textile Waste


Targeted approach

28th September 2021

Circle Economy / Textile Waste / Zero Waste Scotland


Calls to ‘massively reduce’ the number of new clothes purchased each year

24th September 2021

Fast Fashion / Textile Waste / The British Fashion Council


UK Government has ‘failed to tackle fast fashion’, according to new research

6th July 2021

Fast Fashion / Hubbub / Textile Waste


‘Fast recovery and sustainability’ funding to cover repurposing textile waste

26th May 2021

Fast Fashion / green recovery / Textile Waste / UKRI


School trust launches uniform recycling campaign

27th April 2021

Outwood Grange Academies Trust / Textile Waste / Trutex


ASICS turns 5 tonnes of recycled textile waste into ‘Earth Day’ running shoe

16th April 2021

ASICS / Sustainable Clothes / Textile Waste


First clear plastic bottles produced from enzymatically recycled textile waste

23rd November 2020

Carbios / enzymatic solutions / plastic / Textile Waste


Brits send clothing worth a potential £900 million to landfill during lockdown

28th July 2020

Fast Fashion / landfill / Textile Waste


Fast fashion produces over 92 million tonnes of waste a year, study finds

9th April 2020

Aalto University / Fast Fashion / Textile Waste


Textile recyclers call for “better regulation” following ITN investigation

21st February 2020

Ghana / textile recyclers association / Textile Waste / Waste Exports


UK named fourth largest textile waste producer in Europe

22nd January 2020

Fast Fashion / landfill / Textile Waste


Ecover says its new laundry detergents will help your clothes last longer

13th January 2020

cover / Textile Waste


News in brief: Activist runs across US | charities “bag” £9m | Fly-tipping app

26th July 2019

Fly-Tipping / News in Brief / plastic / Textile Waste


Environmental Committee Calls On “Fast Fashion” Bosses For Answers

9th November 2018

Amazon / ASOS / Environmental Audit Committee / Fast Fashion / Textile Waste


UK Fashion Retailers Urged To Reduce Environmental Impact Of Their Clothes

8th October 2018

EAC / Mary Creagh / Textile Waste


35% Of Microplastics Released Into Oceans From Synthetic Textiles

14th September 2018

Institution of Mechanical Engineers / Ocean Plastics / plastic / Textile Waste

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